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What is a rhythm?

A rhythm is something we all do to make life easier. We all have an eating rhythm and a sleeping rhythm, a work rhythm and a play rhythm, a worship rhythm and a celebration rhythm.

Even if you don’t think you have rhythm, you have rhythms.

There are 3 keys and 9 steps in the Live LIGHT Pathway each of these have a rhythm to make it easier to feel like you're walking with God in the garden in the cool of the day.

Why not get coached in these Live LIGHT Rhythms?

Move from Busyness to Blessing

Authenticity Option

8 weeks group coaching

6 Rhythms from the Live LIGHT Pathway

A group portal for replays and downloads in Live LIGHT Academy,

A community group inside Live LIGHT VIP

Live coaching every week on a Zoom call with replays available inside Live LIGHT Academy

Probable Start time - September 2020

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“I've given your name to a friend of mine who has just started looking for a coach.”

Cat Rust

“Trevor is a down to earth person with a heart to help others"

Kerry George

“When I took on the task of writing a book that moms could share with their daughters, I thought there was no way I could accomplish what was on my heart to do. Through Trevor’s patience, advice and planning suggestions I accomplished it!" 
Dawn Magee
“Trevor helped me get the book off the ground with his skill and background in publishing. When I was struggling to know where to go next, he also gave me lots of encouragement. Trevor brought practical applications for each chapter with thought-provoking questions."
Greg Musselman
"I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Trevor and everyone one else in this group. Im am finding it such a daily encouragement at such a difficult time"
Wendy Laubscher
“The Live LIGHT Challenge has helped me so much to bring God into my workplace.”
Kenna Leung