Are you wondering if I can speak at your event?

During the COVID-19 outbreak, I am not able to leave Canada for speaking engagements. But I am willing to speak at online events and begin conversations around future events.

3 Reasons to Book Me for your online or future events

1) I bring added value to your event

As an author, speaker and coach I know to connect with your target market. What I create always needs to HELP - Honour, Empower, be Life-giving and Pleasing to God. I will never provide any speaking, coaching, class or book that does not HELP. I have affiliate programs to help bring added value to your event (coming soon).

2) I have topics that can connect with your target audience

My topics Include

"Living Whole Hearted in a Half-hearted World"

"How to #CopeWithHope"

"How to fast from negativity"

"Life is short. Forever is real. Loving Right Matters the Most."

Anything on Book Writing, Book Publishing or Book Marketing

or any of the topics covered below in the speaking sample

3) I can promote your event across my social networks.

I've got a big and growing platform that I can can promote your event on, as long as it will be a value for each of us. Find out more at

Solomon Davies

Host of “A Call To Write” April 2020

“Thank you so much Pastor Trevor. Many were blessed by you. You're such a natural and so insightful.”

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