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Are you wanting to move from busyness to blessing?

The Authenticity Option for Live LIGHT Rhythm (Group) coaching will get you there in 8 weeks.

Do you want to move from frustration to fulfilment?

The Path of Peace Option is for Live LIGHT Rhythm (Group) coaching is designed to get you there in 8 weeks.

Are you keen to move from miracles done TO you to miracles done THROUGH you?

The Gravitas Option for Live LIGHT Rhythm (Group Coaching) will get you there in 8 weeks.

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Are you ready to invest in personal Life and Live LIGHT coaching?

I will be excited to hear from you. I'll ask you to request a questionnaire that helps me know your view of the world and your place in it as well as some indication of where you want to go. Request that questionnaire today and then we'll book a complimentary session.


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions for Live LIGHT Coaching

Q. Do I need to be religious to benefit from Live LIGHT coaching?

A. To be honest, religious people tend to really get turned off Live LIGHT coaching.

The Live LIGHT Rhythms include listening to God for 15 minutes each day and regularly being in awe of the divine. If you are wanting to be coached in that, Live LIGHT coaching is for you. Oh yah, one more thing...there may be times I ask if I can pray for you. I like to start each coaching session with prayer. You don’t have to believe in God or believe in my God for this to work. My prayers can bring peace and hope and healing. I won’t pray if you don’t give me permission.

If you’re ok with those two warnings, I would be thrilled if you’d decide to invest in yourself with Live LIGHT coaching, regardless how religious you feel.

Q. What’s the cost for Live LIGHT coaching?

A. Don’t think of it a simply a cost, it’s an investment.

The investment you’ll need to make is based on the package you choose.

You can find out the current investment of the group coaching by clicking on the learn more link for it.

The investment for the personal coaching is based on the which one of the three packages you’ll choose. I’ll let you know what they are AFTER you experience a complimentary coaching session so you can experience the value coaching can be for you first hand. What’s it worth to feel like you walk with Hid in the garden in the cool of the day each day?

Q. What will I be coached in?

A. The Live LIGHT Pathway has 12 Rhythms that help you move from busyness to blessing, from frustration to fulfillment and from miracles done to you to miracles done through you. There are 3 coaching options for group coaching and three coaching packages for personal coaching. Please see each for the right information. Each option and package has elements from the Live LIGHT Pathway worked in, but we'll also focus on what I call "life-work" that includes anything you'd like to be coached through in your life. That's easiest to do with the personal coaching packages.

Q. Doesn't Jesus say "freely receive, freely give"? Why are you charging for coaching?

A. I've been coaching since 2013 and have had a few free clients. I've never had success with free clients. They have no skin in the game, so the do little to work on the changes they need to make. I can't help anyone more than they want to help themselves. I'm not doing anyone any favours if I offer coaching for free. I do offer a lot for free to help you Live LIGHT that you can find out at https://trevorlund.com

BTW - The context of Jesus saying "freely you've received, freely give is found in Matthew 10:8. He's sending out the 12. In the next breath He tells them, "a worker is worthy of his wages" The basic message of the text is to tell them his strategy - "Let them serve you". Paul tells us you can't muzzle an ox when he's trampling the grain. You cannot use what Jesus said, out of context, to barter your way into Kingdom truths. You have the Bible. You have Holy Spirit. Get off your butt and learn what He wants to teach you. 

Q. How do I know if group coaching or personal coaching is better for me?

A. I have two coaching options for you to consider - Live LIGHT Group Coaching (Rhythm) Live LIGHT Personal Coaching (with 3 packages to choose from).

The one that is better for you at this moment in time depends on your pocketbook, personality, privacy, path and pattern. It's up to you to decide which is more emphasis on.

Pocketbook - How much can you reasonably afford to spend?

Group coaching is more affordable than personal coaching. Never pay for something you can't afford.

Personality - Are you an easy-going-bring-everyone-along person or are you a get-it-right-get-it-done person?

Some people enjoy the group experience, as it is less intense and other-focussed at times. Others value the personalization and laser focus of the one-on-one.

Privacy- How much privacy do you want or need?

Some of us are private people, others are more out there. Some need privacy because of their position or family.The group experience is private for the group coaching, but you will be sharing with the group. The personal coaching is completely confidential.

Path - Do you want the Rhythm or want to freestyle?

Group coaching follows the rhythm of every key and every step in the Live LIGHT Pathway. Personal coaching follows the Rhythm but focuses on how you want to live it out in your life. You decide your homework and how you want me to keep you accountable.

Pattern - When do you want to start being coached? You can start personal coaching as long as I have space available. Book your complimentary call today. You need to wait for the next group to start.

Q. How is the Live coaching done?

A. The live coaching sessions personal coaching will usually be done over Zoom. Having audio only helps me focus on what you're saying and take notes if I don't have to worry about how my face looks while I'm thinking. I can send you the notes and the audio file every week if you'd like.

The live coaching sessions for group coaching will be on Zoom and viewable later inside the coaching portal. The plan is to have one person each week to participate in the coaching hot seat. We can record this ahead of time if it's your turn and you can't make it live. You'll need headphones to participate live and probably the Zoom app on your computer or phone will help as well.

Q. I've never tried coaching, could I try if first and see if it's for me? 

A. I insist on a complimentary session for personal coaching. I will only spend the time working with an individual one-on-one who I know I can help. It really helps if you like me too.

If you want to see what group coaching looks like you can experience one of my courses for free. It doesn't have the interaction of a live coaching session, but may give you a sense of if you'd like to work with me. Check out https://revtrev.com/happy

Q. I'm ready to pay, but can I pay monthly?

A. In my experience with coaching, there will often be one or several challenges that come up, right before breakthrough happens. When those challenges come up, any excuse you have to go on, will likely be one you jump at.  I want you to succeed. I want you to Live LIGHT. I want you to walk with God in the garden in the cool of the day. I want to make it easier for that to be your reality in the day-to-day of your everyday. 

I don't give the option to pay monthly. 

That being said, never purchase something you can't afford. My promise to you is that I will always work be to be true, helpful, focussed, solve a problem and be action-orientated when I coach. What I create always needs to HELP - Honour, Empower, be Life-giving and Pleasing to God. I will never release any coaching, class or book that does not HELP. Always Always Always do your OWN due-diligence and prayer-led decision before making any purchases. Never purchase something you can't afford.

Q. Why is the company I’m asked to pay called Ask and Imagine?

A. Ask and Imagine is the parent company of Live LIGHT. Our goal is to incorporate Live LIGHT as it’s own entity in 2020.

Q. I thought you were in Canada, why am I asked to pay in U.S. funds? 

A. Our expenses are in U.S. funds. We can’t project the fluctuations of currency easily into our planning. We work to provide amazing value in every service we provide.

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